Ethical Clothes for Toddlers

You want to make conscious choices about how you dress your darling toddler: what fabric is used, how clothing is made. Don’t worry; we’re choosy too.

Little girls' dress in cotton printed fabric, white polka dots on dark indigo blue

Ethical, high-quality jumpers for babies and toddlers. Sweet sunhats for protecting soft skin. We want to help you dress your family well while considering the impact. Our fabrics are sustainable, eco friendly, vintage, and organic. Our clothes are made by hand, not industrially.

copyright Guthrie Lane

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Who We Are

We are a children’s clothing boutique, and we take pride in offering bespoke, sustainable, and often organic creations for your little ones. We offer pieces for ages from baby to toddler and child. Our studio is in scenic Livingston, Montana. 


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