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Styles and Quality That Surpass Trends and Time

Our clothing is designed and hand sewn in Montana. We craft all our pieces with ethically manufactured fabrics of the highest quality, as well as vintage and recycled materials. Our designs are not meant to be trendy, but rather, are a reflection of a time when clothes could be handed down, from child to child and friend to friend; each piece as fashionable and comfortable after it has been well worn as it was when it was new. At Guthrie Lane, we make clothing that is durable, comfortable and classic. We take pride in our artistry and the creation of garments that express the warmth of tradition and reflect the highest standards of workmanship. We are a pioneering company that is establishing a new and fresh heritage by offering a line of clothing that blends the past with with the present and will last well into the future.

Tending To A Lifelong Passion

Born and raised on a cattle and horse ranch in Southeastern Idaho, Angela Stanger Hartwig, a fifth generation westerner, spent much of her youth on horseback, in pickup trucks and hiking fence lines with wire, pliers and a pail full of staples. Angela was initiated into the art of sewing by her mother and furthered her knowledge of the art through friends and family and ultimately as an apprentice to a fabric and clothing designer. There she honed her skills in textile design, draping, pattern drafting and grading and garment fabrication. As her skills and artistry matured, Angela developed an abiding appreciation for timeless designs and fabrics made of the highest quality materials, in ethical workplaces, as well as vintage and reclaimed fabrics. This deep appreciation is reflected in the garments offered by Guthrie Lane.

Each piece in the Guthrie Lane collection is sewn with pride at our store and workshop in Livingston, Montana, U.S.A.

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Who We Are

We are a children’s clothing boutique, and we take pride in offering bespoke, sustainable, and often organic creations for your little ones. We offer pieces for ages from baby to toddler and child. Our studio is in scenic Livingston, Montana. 


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