T.J. Shirt


The T.J. shirt presents the optimum for your child’s casual summer outerwear or as a layer for those chilly winter days. Sewn of Japanese made, soft oxford cotton, this shirt is specifically designed to allow use as a light tunic and then, as your little one grows, as a waist length shirt, Side slits allow for easy movement and take off, without any fussy fastenings to close or undo making the T.J. a go to for simplicity and comfort.

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The tj is made of soft oxford cotton and is ready for all time wear. The design allows for grow room and needs no closures. The side slits make for easy movement if worn dress style and are a practical detail when the garment is worn at waist length.

Fabric made in Japan. Sewn in the u.s.a.


2-4 yr
5-7 yr
8-10 yr
12-14 yr

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2-4 Years, 5-7 Years, 8-10 Years